The GRACE shower is designed by renowned Belgian architect and designer Hans Verstuyft, whose inspiration is to think sober. Hans believes sober objects often have a stronger appearance. The GRACE shower is testament to this idea.

When designing an outdoor shower, many factors come into play: how to design an object in an environment of wellness, well-being, sport and physicality, water and nature, that fits this aspect... Also its shape, appearance, feel, material, and setting are features that give an object its soul.

A pure line, with no further frills, is the answer. Without requiring any maintenance, a patina will form on the surface of the brass material over time, giving the shower a unique life cycle from golden yellow to warm brown. Its powerful shape and timeless aspect make this object feel at home in any setting, whether in a pool environment or a beautiful landscape. A simple handle allows for easy operation.


Extravagant in its minimalism, this beautiful object combines elegance with functionality...



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